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Down comes from the belly of the goose.

One single down is a three-dimensional cluster, very light with thousands of tiny fibers allowing them to “loft” (or puff out) and trap air. Down insulates and helps the goose to stay warm in the winter.

Feather comes from the back of the bird, has quills and is two dimensional.

Feather keeps the bird dry.

The ability of down to regain its shape when pressure is released.

The space that one ounce of down fills, measured in cubic inches. The higher the fill power, the more fluff in the down, the better down traps air. It is the trapped air that keeps you warm. Higher fill power means the down clusters are bigger and more durable; giving you more warmth with much less weight.

Geese are larger birds than duck and normally have larger down clusters. The larger the bird and the colder the climate, the higher the fill power and quality of the down.

Down and feather can come in various shades ranging from pure white to black specked gray. The color of the feathers and down has no relevance to its quality. The industry has placed a premium on white feathers and down due to its ability to visually blend in better when filled into light color bedding products.

Fabric cover must be a natural fiber such as 100% cotton, down-proof. Cotton is used because of the ability to easily absorb moisture. We use 233TC for our pillows and comforters. Thread count is the number of threads in one square inch of fabric.

a). The use of duvet covers reduces the need for frequent cleaning.

b). Regular shaking and lofting of down products will help circulate air.

c). Tumble drying will help add warmth and air circulation to the down.

d). Washing down products in cold water using a mild soap will add moisture, warmth and air circulation to the down.

Large comforters may not fit in most home washers. They should be washed in a large scale Laundromat washer and tumble until COMPLETELY DRIED or taken to a Professional cleaner.

Most people are not actually allergic to down. Dust present in down products causes most allergies.  We make sure our products are clean and sterilized.

Baffle box construction is a superior method of manufacturing a down comforter.

Baffle box construction keeps the down in individual boxes. Baffle walls ensure that down does not shift keeping it evenly distributed to maximize loft and warmth.

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